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Instilling Confidence With Guided Counsel

Our focus is to help our clients throughout the Atlanta region and nationwide navigate through the financial waters with precision and without stress. At every corner and every turn, we will work alongside you in lockstep, providing tailored strategies with unwavering support to illuminate your path towards financial freedom.

Cultivating Trust And Meaningful Relationships

Cultivating Trust And Meaningful Relationships

Trust is the foundation of any strong relationship and it must be earned through consistent education and counsel. We empower our clients by providing clarity at every step in the journey, listening to their opinions and creating strategies that are tailored to their feedback.

Creating Financial Clarity With Education

Creating Financial Clarity With Education

Clarity fuels confidence. Therefore, it’s our priority to educate you on every financial move. This will help you visualize where you are now, where you’re going to be, and how you’re going to get there. 

We will operate with total transparency and translate financial language into easy understanding for you to navigate your financial journey with confidence and clarity.

Core Values

Our core values drive how we do business every day.


Trust is the bedrock of all our client relationships and we go above and beyond the call of duty to earn it. 


We eliminate the stress and uncertainty through close counseling and support, illuminating a clear path to help you achieve your financial aspirations.


With great attention to detail and professional excellence, we will work diligently to propel you closer to your financial goals. 


We translate complex terminology into everyday language and contextualize the path ahead, ensuring you have a clear roadmap to your financial goals.


Your financial aspirations lie at the heart of everything we do. Our devoted team embodies these qualities so that we may serve you while working towards your success. 

Our History

Our History

Mangham-Scott Wealth Management is the combination of the financial planning practices of the late Marvin C. Mangham Jr. and Thomas N. Scott. Formed in 2016, the joint venture found its basis in the synergistic principles shared by Mr. Mangham and Mr. Scott: deep client relationships, values and goals based financial planning, and a high fiduciary standard. Understanding that trust, relationships, excellence, education, and service are essential in providing counsel, Mangham-Scott Wealth Management works diligently to execute these values every day in every client interaction. Today, Mangham-Scott Wealth Management manages in excess of $75 million in assets and serves clients in over 18 states.

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Who We Work With

We offer tailored financial planning solutions to a diverse range of clients, including individuals, families, pre-retirees, retirees, and nurses and medical professionals.

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Our Approach

Our dedication to unwavering integrity and personalized team service is grounded in a culture of proven success. This foundation facilitates long-lasting relationships that are built on trust.

Our Approach

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Using our expertise, we will help you attain your financial goals through guided collaboration, trust, and confidence at every step of your journey. 

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